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About Us

An Australian Wellness Industry supplier of natural health products, innovative superfoods with medicinal properties and organic farm produce



Natural & Organic

Over 20 years experience dealing throughout the world.

Offering selected natural organic nutritional and delectable flavours of ancient Australian spices and super foods.

manuka flowers and honey jar

Australian Food Services

Combining our clients’ curiosity for Australian food, along with our passion for healthy living, Australian Food Services was created.

In 2009 Architectural Facade Solutions was established – our building company dealing with facade work after many years working in the industry between the two of us. Throughout this time, we met many people from overseas from importing building products and there was always a great interest in our culture and cuisine, especially our native foods.

This eventually led us to investigate, experiment and taste the wonderful native foods that Australia has to offer. By August of 2016 Australian Food Services was set up as the trading name For Architectural Facade Solutions. In that same month, we had our first taste of Kakadu Plum powder, from the highest vitamin C fruit in the world.

manuka honey beekeeper
May 2009

Began to investigate, experiment and taste the wonderful native foods that Australia has to offer

bioactive manuka honey
June 2016

Purchased our first Australian Manuka honey for taste & testing

Australian manuka honey
August 2016

Australian Food Services was set up

manuka honey beekeeper
August 2016

Bioactive Manuka Honey added to our product range

kakadu plums
August 2016

Our first taste of Kakadu Plum powder

kakadu plum powder
August 2016

Kakadu Plum powder added to our product range

goats milk soap
December 2016

Our first Goats Milk Soap was created

Manuka Honey on Toast
November 2020

Older, a little wiser, with a higher consumption of a good red!


5 stars via Etsy

Lovely soap. Very mild scent comes through. Feels clean and not scummy after use.


5 stars via Etsy

This was the largest quantity in a single container I could find as shipping to the states from down under is always ghastly expensive I wanted to make it count! The honey is really good. We'll definitely be ordering more as it’s going quickly. Big hit with the whole family!


5 stars via Etsy

This is very good Manuka honey and an excellent price for the quality.

manuka honey bees
Bees per Colony
Bioactive Manuka Honey p/yr
Table Honey
Species of Leptospermum

Slide New Layer Natural Manuka honeycomb kakadu plum powder manuka honey manuka honey beekeeper What we offer Traditional bush foods along with innovative and unique food concepts. Some have been grown in Australia for over 50,000 years, sustaining our First Nations Indigenous people as sources of medicine and food. Our current hand-picked products are uniquely selected and range from Bio Active Australian Manuka Honey, to Kakadu Plum Powder, and hand-made Goat's Milk soap. Australian Food Services
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Australian Food Services organic farm

Traditional Australian bush foods, along with innovative and unique food concepts and products

Erina Heights, New South Wales 2260 Australia

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